Za kupce poljoprivrednih proizvoda

Benefits of the Web home-made market

On the „Web home-made market“ you can browse trough the offer of agricultural products of Istria in a fast and simple way, aquaint with the enterprises offering their products, and with a few clicks purchase products you desire.
With the choice of time and way of picking up, as also paying for the products, you manage your own time most efficiently.

Who are the users of the „Web home-made market“?
This market is intended for you, because you are also a consumer of agricultural products. Buyers on the „Web home-made market“ can be:
•    Households
•    Restaurants and taverns
•    Kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other public institutions
•    Small hotels, campings and other touristic establishments
•    Tourists
•    Other groups of end-consumers in Istria

„Web home-made market“ enables you:

  • Instant and simple finding of the wanted agricultural product and producer in your vicinity
  • Through the personal visit to the enterprise you can get to know the members and gain an insight into the production and finishing technology
  • Purchasing of fresh, immediately picked fruit and vegetables, not processed during storage